How it began

After the February 1st, 2017 uprising at C-Building in James T. Vaughn Correctional Center at Smyrna, Delaware, 18 prisoners faced felony charges. From the initial 18 who were charged, one became the state’s star snitch (Royal Diamond Dawns). Kelly Gibbs committed suicide mysteriously right after his mandated transfer to the facility that the state used to house many of their witnesses (rest in power). Jarreau Ayers and Dwayne Staats, two “lifers,” are currently residing in different facilities in Pennsylvania. They were found guilty on various charges after taking it upon themselves to shoulder the responsibility and protect the rest of their co-defendants, who were serving shorter sentences at the time of the trials.



where we are now

Roman Shankaras, Abednego Baynes, Kevin Berry, Deric Forney, John Bramble, and Obadiah Miller were found not guilty after going through the trial, after which the state was forced to drop the charges toward the remaining co-defendants. Roman Shankaras and Robert Hernandez have been released. All others are residing in various facilities across the so-called U.S., sitting in solitary confinement (RRL) where they continue to endure abusive treatments by the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and Illinois.

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The power is the people – The Vaughn 17