Strength-Unity and Conscious Perseverance

Behind the Walls

Jarreau Ayers

“Is it possible that this isn’t a bat-in-China thing, the same way AIDS wasn’t a monkey-in-Africa thing…? Is it possible that due to this energy of global anti-government unity, the People found ourselves subject to global chemical warfare?”


When I was first asked my thoughts on this COVID-19 pandemic, admittedly, I struggled somewhat to find the words to express my feelings and/or opinions without seeming dismissive of the seriousness of the effects this virus can have on our communities and society. Unfortunately, when your viewpoint is from behind these oppressive walls, a part of that oppression is that it can become extremely difficult to emotionally identify with how a situation of this magnitude may be affecting your family, community, or society as a whole. Therefore, my first question to pose to the People was: what are we afraid of? Sadly, we know for a fact that from a statistical standpoint, the imminent threat to our communities now and when this pandemic dissipates will continue to be the abuse of children, the sexual assault of women, the opioid crisis affecting our families, gun violence that is ripping through inner cities, along with this prison industrial complex that preys on our youth before they have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become leaders of our families and communities. All of these aforementioned conditions are having — and will continue to have — catastrophic effects on our communities. Yet, we thrived under the harshness of these realities daily, so why now is the anxiety based off of this fear being exacerbated by propaganda to these proportions?

Though I realize that I have been somewhat ossified by the realities of life, I consciously acknowledge my responsibility to ensure that everything I allow my pen to bleed for is for us and our communities. I do it from a position firmly and deeply rooted within a sense of empathy, love, understanding, and leadership. I present our plight unflinchingly, and for those who held the position that I shouldn’t have a voice of leadership amongst our community, I just simply acknowledge that regardless of ethnicity, they fail to qualify for the type of understanding required to identify the historical depths and struggles that our true (uncompromising) leaders, voices, and warriors ascend from!

Due to the fact that I am physically restricted from any other actions, my purpose now is attempting to walk up consciously on our collective enemy, to pull their mask down and expose the face of their subterfuge, which they proliferate through the practice of weaponized propaganda! Hopefully at the same time, I am able to invoke the spirit of who we are as a people, and the remembrance of not only what we thrive through daily, but also what we have survived through historically! Without denying or ignoring that the Black and Brown people’s pain is somewhat incomparable, collectively we have to acknowledge that regardless of ethnicity, that those at the bottom of every economic social ladder globally are the target of oppression from these oligarchical, authoritarian governments.

My opinion of this pandemic and the government’s use of chemical weapons and weaponized propaganda (fear) is predicated upon the belief that those in control of this world-wide oligarchical government are psychogenicly plagued by a psychopathic desire to dominate and consolidate absolute control over the masses! This pathogenic sickness that they suffer from is incubated within their own fear of inferiority, powerlessness ultimately reproduced through this supremacist patriarchal totalitarian system its phobia has given birth to. 

The only legitimate threat to this system is unity! So if you take into account these massive protests from Europe to China, from the Middle East, South America, to North America, consciously, you identify that they all seem energized by radicalized anarchist viewpoints adopted across the globe as an Us vs Them Principle! This makes it clear to me that this pandemic isn’t coincidental, nor is it a bat-in-China thing, the same as AIDS wasn’t a monkey-in-Africa thing. Instead I believe this oligarchical government’s phobia induced them to attack the energy of this anti-government unity! They employed chemical warfare and weaponized propaganda in order to push humanity towards the selfish principles they indoctrinated us with through mental colonization. By exposing us to this pandemic globally, it notably caused dissension amongst the People; it strategically forced the People to have to turn to their own prospective governments and ask for help, ultimately crippling the bloodline and base of any anti-government movement along with re-establishing them as this authoritarian regime beyond reproach!

So once again, while I acknowledge the seriousness of this virus, I need you in return to acknowledge the depths of this attack and not allow the social strides we’ve made under the banner of collective unity to be a casualty of battle in this war we’re fighting! Though I mentioned earlier being ossified by life’s harsh realities, more importantly I feel “as you should feel” that as oppressed people we’re armored through the genetics of an umbilical cord whose elasticity infinitely entwines us with the unbreakable strength of our ancestors! Unity is our weapon as it was theirs! We have to be allergic to these foreign selfish principles “as they were”! We have to identify this weapon of propagandized fear and instead of allowing it to separate our principles — Us vs Them — we have to embrace it in a way that was given to me, written in a poem by Anne Boyer. When addressing the fear element of this crisis, she says “Fear educates our care for each other; we fear a sick person becoming sicker, or a poor person’s life becoming more miserable, and we do whatever we can to protect them because we fear a version of human life where everyone lives only for themselves.” We should embrace this fear because, as she put it, the fear is a vital, necessary part of love!!! Remember, the strength-unity and conscious perseverance of the People is undefeated: always has been and always will be! Take care of each other, help support these food banks in your communities. As George would say: when it’s time to stand up for our own, our principles become those who we’re accountable for!!!

Stay strong, stay focused, stay you and always stay safe!!! #M.O.V. #BIM #V17

Pedro Chairez


Only their tactics have changed. But white nationalism is alive and thriving. You see it every day in their laws and draconian police brutality. How many black and Brown brothers have to die at the hands of a predominately white police force? How many families of Latin descent have to be separated? How many prisons have to be built? How many walls have to be erected? The hate-mongering infests our nation at its core. That “legal” document I quoted earlier was written 500 years ago, yet it’s still reflected in our society today. Just because it’s not laid out so cut and dry. Believe me, we are still living under the same colonial belief system that tried to destroy us back then.

They want to classify us as subhuman, barbaric, savage, illiterate, drug dealers, gangbangers, murderers. This image they want to portray reinforces their own rationalization that we need to be governed and controlled. This gives them the moral and intellectual right to claim superiority. And then depict themselves as brave and courageous seekers of justice and freedom. But I say fuck their misconceived moral right from god. We will outlast, outbreed and overcome them on every level. They are the true savages that destroy and annihilate entire nations and cultures. They kill indiscriminately. Everywhere the white man went he brought death and destruction. Stealing and raping the land of all its natural resources. They take our wealth and then subject us to the yoke. And when we struggle in poverty, they call us lazy. Our children end up attending the worst school districts in the nation. And they call us illiterate. But they fail to recognize that the adversity and hate and pain we endure daily only makes us stronger, and more dangerous. And one day in the near future they will awake in fear and feel our feet on the back of their necks!

To write to Pedro send letters to:

Pedro Chairez Y35814
Pontiac C.C.
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

Concerning the Visit of Reverend Al Sharpton

Jarreau Ayers

Jarreau Ayers

Solidarity, I was recently informed of Reverend Al Sharpton’s visit to the city along with the speech he delivered on the lack of diversity within the state’s judiciary branch. I in comradery with our people have felt the importance to acknowledge this moment. To express my thoughts on the plight of those generations to come, who will ultimately be subjected to the torture of a broke antiqued racist system. A system that not only endorses the owning of human beings, but also the acquisition and financial capitalization of owning human beings called “Indentured Servitude”. A system that indulges in quid pro quo for retaliation. Publicly advocating for prison reform and humane conditions for those incarcerated, simply to appease its democratic base to secure votes! Than ultimately using taxpayers to turn around and ship inmates” Majority Black bodies” and those at the bottom of the social-economic ladder to be subjected to tortures conditions in out of state prisons like me & my co-defendants’. History tells us that there is nothing more important to a revolutionary change than “MOMENT”! If you are able to consciously identify & seize the MOMENT, then you can completely alter the trajectory to which those who capitalize off, of this evil system, wish for us to remain on. I suggest that as a people our goal has to be to squeeze everything out of the MOMENT and not simply accept what they concede to us as a shallow victory that inevitably won’t have any true effect on change. Mrs. Tamika Montgomery- Reeves’s appointment is a win for our people. President Barack Obama’s election was a great historical victory for our people, yet the true change we sought to grab from the MOMENT slipped through our hands because every Pivotal bill he attempted to pass that could have had a positive multi-generational impact on our communities’ was denied by congress. Therefore, while Reverend Al Sharpton’s attack on the judiciary branch is an admirable first step, ultimately to have a true impact on this racist capitalistic disease that’s breaking apart families & destroying our communities we have to apply this cure of diversity to every political branch of Delaware’s bureaucracy. Truthfully, before & after this is accomplished we have to demand transparency & integrity from our leaders and let them know they can no longer just deliver our votes to whomever they politically endorse. Simply being an orator of beautiful speeches will no longer be accepted they have to truly move out for the people! With visions of a Better future! Stay strong & Stay focused! All power is the people!!

Dwayne Staats

Peace & Resilience! I heard Reverend Al Sharpton came to the city and spoke about the lack of diversity in the state’s judiciary system. This is definitely an issue worth fighting because it coincides with the disproportionate number of Black prisoners within their system. Who is Sharpton’s contact in Delaware? Al said he was coming back, so why not make the best out of it. For starters instead of speaking at Kingswood let’s take him in front of 500 N. King St. Sharpton knows the 13th amendment of the US constitution endorses slavery for prisoners. Delaware paying 30 million to send 300 prisoners to another jurisdiction was a “slave trade” (human trafficking). This very judicial system exonerated my codefendants then shipped them to Pennsylvania where they remain isolated in solitary confinement. I have to get with some of y’all to see what needs to be addressed on the street level. “All” inequalities or injustices that stem from the lack of diversity in Delaware’s judicial system needs to be included in his presentation. When is Al “suppose” to return? I would hate to think his ulterior motive for going after Biden, was to assist whatever presidential candidate he’s endorsing. If so, then he and whoever invited him to our city must be addressed accordingly (I’ll give them the benefit of doubt for now). In the meantime, I’m looking for some courageous hearts and righteous minds that want to unite for the greater good of the community. We’ll stand on integrity as we push audacious concepts, visions and ideas. Even if we can’t see the staircase, we still take the first step in faith. The belief in self will illuminate the way! Power is the People! BIM

To write to Jarreau Ayers, please address the letter to:

Smart Communications/PADOC
Jarreau Ayers #NS9994
S.C.I. Huntingdon
P.O.Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

To write to Dwayne Staats, please address the letter to:

Smart communications PADOC
Dwayne Staats #NT0000
S C I. Albion
P.O.Box 33028 St. Petersburg, FL33733

Luis Sierra (Abdul Haqq)


“Courage is the most important of all virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

—Maya Angelou

Dear Comrades:

For those of you who have shown support for the Vaughn17, I am sending you this message in order to express my appreciation and to commend you for your courage and work that you have done and continue to do for all prisoners suffering behind enemy lines. Despite our short encounters of success, the fight against this unproductive, oppressive system is far from over! Not only is there a lot of work that needs to be done, but we have to remain diligent in our efforts to combat this system. Speaking of system, as you know, it is once again an election year. Politics play a pivotal role in how this country operates its systems. I am not sure how many of you Brothers and Sisters believe in politics and voting, but for those of you who do not—you need to.

As we all know, mass incarceration is a real thing that is affecting all races in this country, especially people of color. In saying that, a lot of these politicians are now using mass incarceration as a stepping stool to win the Black and Latino vote. Therefore, all of you need to make sure that you have valid reasons on why you are voting for the politicians that you are voting for. Whatever you do, please do not mistake the dialogue and charisma of a politician as a way of promise and capability, because thisis nothing but a sales pitch to win your vote. If you start to develop a good vibe from somebody, then make sure that you investigate them because it is wiser to base your vote off of something you have actually investigated than on something that you feel. Remember, deception is real and politicians have a way of portraying images for the benefit of their personal agendas. In closing, continue to live the spirit of our ancestors and remain steadfast in our struggle against oppression and the prison state. Peace.

In Solidarity,

Your Brother In Struggle

Abdul Haqq
~Last of a dying breed~

To write to Abdul, please send letters to the following address (must include birthname and not Islamic name)

Luis Sierra
SBI# 455723 Unit SHU17Z
James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna, Delaware 19977

Dwayne Staats – p.II


This land is cursed by a plague called ” The System”. It’s an omnipresent pestilence that’s inextricably intertwined within the depths of our lives. Victims of this infectious disease exist (occupy a space in objective reality) as expendable pieces of flesh, that are cast into an assemblage of sub humanistic waste used as fertilizer to nourish and cultivate the roots of capitalism. The fruits that its branches bear are gathered and allocated amongst the most avarice, which accounts for about 7% of the population. These demagogues fortify their supremacy by using sophisticated methods of legerdemain (misinformation & miseducation) to suppress the masses in a labyrinth of chaos, confusion, and illusions. The more removed one is ( in terms of ethnicity, gender, ideology, geographical location, net worth, etc) from the oligarchs the more ostracized or disenfranchised they become. Politics — is the driving force behind the dissemination of injustices and inequalities used to perpetuate is agenda. For many, life’s peregrination will sadly equate to involuntarily aiding in the fulfillment of “Quotas” that correlates with financial incentives. The compilation of such results in disproportionate statistics that evince what class of people are being suppressed, stifled, profiled, exploited and discriminated against. These are the symptoms that enable one to know if they’ve been inflicted with this disease. Those of us who test positive must continue fighting, resisting, and struggling with the hopes that “we” as a people will become the panacea.

Robert Hernandez


Some events in life can change a person dramatically and these experiences we can carry for a lifetime. It has been about ten months since I found myself preparing for an upcoming trial I assumed would be March 2019 for an incident which occurred at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center at Smyrna, Delaware on February 1st, 2017. Seventeen individuals held accountable for a disturbance which left one officer dead. That day of February was a day I will remember forever and the aftermath was no pleasant memory.

Still to this day, the corruption by prosecutors and the Department of Corrections are being observed, but to deaf ears and blind individuals which believe themselves to be law abiding citizens and true Americans upholding a system which has only tormented and broken individuals outside of their circle and agenda. Some do not agree with my opinion or idealism, but that is left up to discussion.

Truth is, I believed the Delaware Department of Corrections is the most corrupt, but I’ve come to learn that all of America’s Department of Corrections are unstable and unjust.

When I look back and reflect on the events of the past, the hurt and pains, struggles and hardships, I would not be a better man today. That came from the comradery and genuine brotherhood we shared as Vaughn Seventeen. We were not perfect and may have our issues, but at the end, we stood for each other wholeheartedly. Maybe not for the same reasons, but whatever that may be, it was together. There were genuine sacrifices for each other, and respect was earned and not one day passes I don’t think on the casualties of our battles. Men I’ve come to love and respect as my family and my brothers.

We should never forget those individuals who were crucified by society for hope in a better tomorrow, a better system for all and for truth.

The prison culture teaches us to be tough, cruel and selfish to survive. However, may we inspire a new culture not of color, race, status, etc, but one of brotherhood.

The powers that be will not let the events of February, 2017 go forgotten, however, let those powers know that the true power lies with the people. In war, there will always be casualties, however, does one life surpass another? Are we not equal in the eyes of God? Without the rage in our hearts, would our system ever progress? America’s history speaks volumes; progression came from change and that came from the people. People like you and me that say, “Fuck that! This shit ain’t right.” That’s the revolution my friends: sudden, radical, complete change. It starts in our own hearts and minds. Whether in prison or not. Revolution starts when one system is conducting something improper. Throughout time, the people continue that same idea in different shapes and forms.

What we do is important. How we carry ourselves, treat others and behave. You cannot stand against a corrupt system if you corrupt others and yourself. These are only my opinions, my words that have been presented by trial and error. I, myself, am no Che Guevarra or George Jackson, however, I respect the stories of our past leaders from all sides. The moments I spent with my seventeen comrades I learned so much. I truly can say I was inspired to stand for something far greater by Zach and Fariha, the supporters and true soldiers on the front lines. Anonymous anarchists.

I was all about my own people, brown pride, my attitude was different, but through this experience, I am reborn, liberated. I truly can say I embrace my brothers not by color or set clique, no, no, no. I embrace my brothers, black, white, brown as one.

I thank those who taught me truth: Dwayne, Rome, OB, Pedro, Zack. And the others I stood with: Smoke, Ruk, Capo, Kevi Kev, Luski, Cream, Nil. And the one fallen soldier we lost but cannot be forgotten, Kelz, who passed away, way too soon, a brother who truly proven to me the power of love is real. No matter what, each one of us matters, we all do, never forget what true brotherhood and love can do and we can change the world.

To write to Robert Hernandez, send letters to:

Robert G. Hernandez
Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 639
Las Cruces, NM 88004

Deric Forney


Greetings People,

1st, I’d like to say that it is a blessing and my pleasure that I got to speak with you, the people. Because we the people make the difference. I pray that all is well with you and yours. And despite the current challenges and disadvantages that Vaughn17 prisoners and other prisoners who are on the RRL and/or trapped in the RHU face, your support, time, solidarity and love mean a ton to us all. Also, know that we’re fighting from the inside just as vigorous as you are from the outside. And as a now fool said when he was once wise,  “The revolution shall be televised.” (They always said I should be a poet. LOL!) But let me get back to the real.

My name is Derick L. Forney #NS2698. I am a Delaware prisoner currently being held captive in Pennsylvania’s SCI-Coal Township (SCI-COA). At the present time, the central office has approved me and most of the Vaughn17 prisoners to be placed on the RRL. This indefinite status is located in the RHU—the hole! So, basically, we’re to be locked down indefinitely in the hole. I’ve been housed in the RHU going on 190 days, today is 11-14-19. I’m still being punished for a crime I did not commit. All of Vaughn17 is, being Delaware has acted maliciously by sending us to facilities in the PA/D.O.C so that we’d be further oppressed. This is an act of double jeopardy. Vaughn17 prisoners charged in the uprising at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, Smyrna, Delaware who were exonerated on all charges are not being treated as such—innocent. And the b/s is that not all of Vaughn17 who were transferred to PA is on the RRL.

Yeah! Some b/s!

In the RHU, prisoners are treated like animals. There is no system of order back here. The staff goes rogue, the meals are skimped and served cold, and there’s no curriculum. Instead, we’re warehoused in cells with very little to do. There’s no rehabilitation involved with the RHU/RRL unless one develops his own. And for those on the RRL, they have it the worst. We are absolutely stuck with no time as to when we will be let go. There is no systemic design for RRL prisoners to take advantage of. Nothing for us to look forward to. Nothing for us to do. Little to no hope.

The education system is very biased. Teachers and the board of education here at SCI-COA has petitioned and grieved that they don’t want to teach prisoners in the RHU. They don’t want to have to travel back here just to teach us. And unless you’re 21 and under, you will not receive an education on the RRL. And it is such a shame to hear that educators are protesting in order to not educate a certain group of prisoners.  The only program for prisoners on the RRL is a Step Down Program which can only be recommended by the PRC team. And then the Central Office, specifically the Secretary of Corrections, John E. Wetzel and the Executive Deputy Secretary, Tabb Bickell, will decide and make the final approval or denial on recommendations related to the RRL. So, basically, these two figures are responsible for all prisoners who are on the RRL.

According to the policy statement for the PA-DOC (commonwealth), under the DC-ADM 802 (Administrative Custody (AC) Procedures Policy), Section 1, (Placement on Administrative Custody (AC) status, paragraph C 1 and 2, there is a criterion that states what one should meet in order to be placed on the RRL. Paragraph C is the Restricted Release List (RRL) Placement “Procedure.” Now, this is where the b/s gets heavy because the AC status is correlated to the RRL status. A prisoner cannot grieve the RRL status, only the “long-term” AC status. This loophole is created in order to trick prisoners into grieving a non-grieveable situation. Which supports the fact that ambiguous standards exist.

So if I try to grieve the RRL instead of the AC, my grievance will be denied as non-grieveable and I will be time-barred.

Also, none of the Vaughn17 prisoners meet the criteria. We’ve never done PA time nor have we violated any policy rule or displayed any actions in PA that support this status of RRL. But due to the matter back in Delaware. We are treated as atypical. And DE/DOC seems to be the center of our hardship. PRC (Program Review Committee), the warden, the deputy warden are all aware of the fact that Delaware’s D.O.C./personnel is in the middle of this. Mental Health is aware, even regular guards are aware.

The PRC team is nothing but a gang of brown-nosers who will lie to you like it’s the truth. They will spin you just to keep you off balance, to keep you calm, to mislead you, but keep you in the dark. The standards, the protocol, the procedures, the rules, the chain of command(s), everything! It is ambiguous, misleading and at times, confidential. And the confidential policies open doors that enable PA-DOC to create loopholes to satisfy their illegal activities.

The Vaughn17 prisoners, as well as other prisoners, housed in the RHU and on RRL, are subjects who are being subjected to the vilest and inhumane treatment. The Central Office has given some of the SCI’s superintendents the discretion to run their prison in some unique ways. Arbitrary behavior is the main ingredient in this bowl of dysfunction. I’m including with this letter an RHU handbook written by superintendent T. McGinley. It is the handbook for the RHU here at SCI-COA. It is a contradiction to the PA-DOC handbook briefly. I’ve requested the handbook multiple times. I am still without it. They won’t give me one because they know once I possess this jewel, I’ll have the key to unlock the doors to revelation. And some of their loopholes will be ineffective.

This handbook for the RHU at SCI-Coal Township allows the staff/guards to violate prisoners’ rights. The handbook gives c/o’s, sergeants, lieutenants and other personnel the ability to take recreation (rec), showers, food and whatever they deem an activity. They use the 6:15 am count as a way to determine who gets these rights (but they consider these rights a privilege). If you are still in bed, or if your cell light is out, or if your bed isn’t made or if you aren’t dressed according to the guard’s standards, you will not get your rec (yard), showers, razors (to shave), cell cleaning, even food is used as a punishment.

The 6:15 am is the most vulnerable time of the day for prisoners. We are either still asleep or just still in bed. And the counts are supposed to be announced via the PA system (loudspeaker). But it isn’t. Never do they call count time over the PA system in the mornings. And throughout the day, count is called “some times.” This is a practice that, because of how the RHU handbook is languaged, allows guards to burn prisoners for the following: showers, yard (rec), cell cleaning, razors (shave) and meals. You see, I can use the phone still, commissary and visit as well even if I don’t stand with the lights on, dressed, etc, during count. And no other count except the morning will cause RHU/RRL prisoners to lose their rights. If there’s something out front of the cell door that’s in my area, I can lose all activities for the day.

Activities can be the mentioned rights. Showers are not to exceed 72 hours without one. And Mon-Fri rec is done for the standard of 1 hour. No movement in the RHU throughout the weekends. Showering every other day so when those pussies do the dumb shit and take what is a prisoner’s right, a constitutional right, we are to go without showers, out-of-cell recreation, food, cleaning the cell, shaving…for days at a time. I’ve lost count of how many days I’ve gone hungry or without a proper hygiene opportunity.

I can’t even get my G.E.D. because they don’t offer prisoners on the RLL or in the RHU education! I am a Delaware prisoner along with the Vaughn17 prisoners who suffer because of something I had nothing to do with. Treated atypical and retaliated against, discriminatory conditions and inhumane treatment is what I live. Delaware has sent a message with us and PA/DOC is honoring the request. Treat these individuals poorly. Violate their rights, their bodies, humiliate them, make their lives a living hell! And PA has yet to disappoint. Most of the Vaughn17 prisoners are held in cells indefinitely for no valid reason. The conditions are beyond poor, below egregious, surpassing inhumane, unjust and unconstitutional. It is blatant disrespect. We are shown the utmost prejudice and biased treatment.

So it is up to you, the people, sand us, the Vaughn17 prisoners and fellow comrades on RRL, to raise awareness. To raise a fist and fight the powers that be. Because we’re the true power—the people. And we will not be overpowered by any opposing power. We will stand up. We will expose these pussies, expose their illegal activities. I thank you all for your ears. I pray that you all continue to be safe and suckafree. God bless you and yours. Peace.

In the name of Solidarity, Strength, Resistance and Resilience.

Blessings and Love

To send messages to Deric, contact him at:

Smart Communications / PA DOC
Deric Forney – NS2698
SCI Coal Township
PO Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL, 33733

Abednego Baynes


We have set out on a very specific mission to enhance the level of social awareness and unity in not only America but abroad. The Philosophy behind our course of action is the best way to help yourself is to first help others and don’t ask of anyone what we don’t ask of ourselves. At this time we are looking at ways to better serve the communities that we have a presence in. We are also looking to build and unite resources to accomplish these goals. We can not refer to ourselves as a non-profit because we gain the same way that all those who participate do and that’s by the building of unity, culture, and the passing of knowledge and wisdom.

We have to reconstruct our approach to problem-solving and make a deep logical assessment of where we are today and what is our best course of action to change tomorrow. All we are asking is that you aid us in aiding you. It’s not about where you came from or where you are at now, it’s about taking what you have learned from point A (where you started) to point B (where you are at today) putting them forward and making a change not only for others but also yourself. You can and will get out your environment and self what you put in it. One person’s problems ignored is sure to one day become our own. there is no mission that is impossible because a people united is unstoppable.

You may see plenty of things on this website telling you who we are. Our actions show how much we desire meaningful change not only for ourselves but for all those who are willing to accept it and the price we are willing to pay for it, but like I said to help others will always help you in return and that’s the reason we stand here today seeking to further unite and make a real positive different. We believe in our methods and practice only strengthen them, so we ask that you support us in supporting you, the people.

Abednego Baynes can be contacted at:

Smart Communications /PADOC
Abednego Baynes
SCI Frackville
P.O.Box 33028
St.Petersburgh, FL 33733

Pedro Chairez


My name is Pedro Chairez and I am one of the V-17 comrades who was publicly persecuted, vindictively indicted and quietly exonerated. All at the hands of a corrupt and incompetent justice system.

But the injustice, abuse and oppression that preceded that monumental event and saturated every facet of our arrest, still lingers on…as our new captors enforce their own brand of internal retribution. Passed around like cheap liquor we were shipped off to different states with a wink and a nod. The meaning clear: teach these boys a lesson! We may have been exonerated in a court of law, but as far as prison officials go, we are guilty as hell. Like the stigmata, we will forever be stained with labels such as; instigators, trouble-makers, agitators, ring-leaders, gang-members, etc.

I was banished from my home state of Arizona and exiled to a foreign land, thousands of miles away from my family and friends. Not for my safety or better living conditions or rehabilitation. Nothing so magnanimous. It was purely punitive. It is a tool and instrument to inflict psychological harm. They want to break down one’s mental fortitude, severe him from his foundational support, weaken his resolve, silence his voice, and crush his spirits. “Why,” you ask? Simple. To make one more pliable and obedient.

Now I reside in Pontiac, Illinois. At their most restrictive and isolated prison facility. I am currently in Administrative Detention. A nice way of saying solitary confinement or segregation. Here, I am warehoused like you would food products in a pantry. There are no programs, jobs, schools, or any other meaningful treatment available. No contact visits, chow halls, or religious groups. I live in a windowless cell, five feet wide and ten feet deep. With a tv to pacify me and a fan for the summer.

Furthermore, there’s no legal justification for placing me here. Because my institutional behavior and 10yr sentence qualify for me minimum custody status.
However, when one challenges their procedures and reasoning, we get the intentionally vague and overused catch-phrase “institutional security”. Which means everything and absolutely nothing. They know the courts are disinclined to intrude upon prison security matters. It is an unassailable position.

Equally important is that once we are entombed within these gulags, under the false pretense of being a security threat, they offer no viable means to work our way out of segregation. There are no rehab programs, step-down programs or “corrective” measures in place to help us transition back into the general population. We are in penitentiary purgatory. Stuck. There are people who have been in here for decades. Without any tickets or gang-activity. Yet we are continually denied release without rhyme or reason. For some it becomes hopeless. Suicide and serious mental illness are at an all-time high.

The purpose of explaining all this is because these are the same oppressive and draconian conditions that plague the prison systems across the nation, and which gave to the V-17 movement. When you dehumanize people long enough they have a tendency to become inhumane. The government has marginalized and abandoned our Constitutional Rights. But the 8th Amendment is based on the fundamental premise that prisoners are not to be treated as less than human. It is a right animated by broad and idealistic concepts of dignity, civilized standards, humanity and decency. Something our congressional representatives have failed to uphold. But we have not. Nor will we bow down or cower under the weight of oppression.

But I ask myself…why does violence have to erupt before it garners national attention? Why does tragedy have to precede accountability? Why is change so intimately linked to pain? Why is transparency so heavily shrouded in darkness? Why do we have to lose (fallen friends or buried alive) to win? I wish I had the answers, but I know why its called a struggle.

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Dwayne Staats


Throughout ancient and modern times, there’s been acts of rebellions, uprisings and insurrections orchestrated by valiant souls for the sake of a greater good. Unfortunately, a lot of these events were either erased or distorted by the writers of history. This reality is why it’s of the utmost importance for us to preserve the Vaughn17 saga and any other narratives that capture the same spirit of sacrifice, liberty, resistance and greater good as the martyrs that came before us. One of the most renowned representations of such is Harriet Tubman. She not only liberated herself from the jurisdiction of slavery but on numerous occasions jeopardized her life and freedom to rescue thousands of others. When the mind morphs into a by any means mode, the level of threat to the overall objective is what dictates the necessary. At times Harriet had to execute the fainthearted who denied themselves salvation to remain on the plantation. They were eliminated because in that instant they’d become a liability. It was too much at stake to take a chance on them not compromising or sabotaging the mission. In her eyes, she’d make sure they were freed one way or another….Nat Turner is another notable who marshaled one of the more militant rebellions that slaves themselves organized against oppression. Their fight was to ensure everyone’s freedom and dismantle the whole plantation and political system. Nat made practicable the element of surprise. He patiently waited while contemporaneously coordinating a clandestine ambush. For them, an insurrection was the gateway to emancipation. Though less publicized than the others. Denmark Vesey spearheaded one of the most “boldly conceptualized” uprisings that ever materialized. Sadly his demise came by the hands of house niggers and informants. Denmark was sentenced to death because of the audaciousness of his ambitions. The judge was so desensitized to the disenfranchisement haunting the slaves’ existence, that the immensity of Denmark’s sacrifice was unfathomable. This was conveyed when he dumbfoundedly stated, “What infatuation could have prompted you to attempt an enterprise so wild and visionary. You were a free man, comely, wealthy and enjoyed every comfort compatible with your situation. You had, therefore, much to lose and little to gain. Is slavery, then, a thing so detestable, that a man favored will engage in a plan that desperate merely to rescue his children from it?!” POWER IS THE PEOPLE!

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