Abednego Baynes


We have set out on a very specific mission to enhance the level of social awareness and unity in not only America but abroad. The Philosophy behind our course of action is the best way to help yourself is to first help others and don’t ask of anyone what we don’t ask of ourselves. At this time we are looking at ways to better serve the communities that we have a presence in. We are also looking to build and unite resources to accomplish these goals. We can not refer to ourselves as a non-profit because we gain the same way that all those who participate do and that’s by the building of unity, culture, and the passing of knowledge and wisdom.

We have to reconstruct our approach to problem-solving and make a deep logical assessment of where we are today and what is our best course of action to change tomorrow. All we are asking is that you aid us in aiding you. It’s not about where you came from or where you are at now, it’s about taking what you have learned from point A (where you started) to point B (where you are at today) putting them forward and making a change not only for others but also yourself. You can and will get out your environment and self what you put in it. One person’s problems ignored is sure to one day become our own. there is no mission that is impossible because a people united is unstoppable.

You may see plenty of things on this website telling you who we are. Our actions show how much we desire meaningful change not only for ourselves but for all those who are willing to accept it and the price we are willing to pay for it, but like I said to help others will always help you in return and that’s the reason we stand here today seeking to further unite and make a real positive different. We believe in our methods and practice only strengthen them, so we ask that you support us in supporting you, the people.

Abednego Baynes can be contacted at:

Smart Communications /PADOC
Abednego Baynes
SCI Frackville
P.O.Box 33028
St.Petersburgh, FL 33733

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