Concerning the Visit of Reverend Al Sharpton

Jarreau Ayers

Jarreau Ayers

Solidarity, I was recently informed of Reverend Al Sharpton’s visit to the city along with the speech he delivered on the lack of diversity within the state’s judiciary branch. I in comradery with our people have felt the importance to acknowledge this moment. To express my thoughts on the plight of those generations to come, who will ultimately be subjected to the torture of a broke antiqued racist system. A system that not only endorses the owning of human beings, but also the acquisition and financial capitalization of owning human beings called “Indentured Servitude”. A system that indulges in quid pro quo for retaliation. Publicly advocating for prison reform and humane conditions for those incarcerated, simply to appease its democratic base to secure votes! Than ultimately using taxpayers to turn around and ship inmates” Majority Black bodies” and those at the bottom of the social-economic ladder to be subjected to tortures conditions in out of state prisons like me & my co-defendants’. History tells us that there is nothing more important to a revolutionary change than “MOMENT”! If you are able to consciously identify & seize the MOMENT, then you can completely alter the trajectory to which those who capitalize off, of this evil system, wish for us to remain on. I suggest that as a people our goal has to be to squeeze everything out of the MOMENT and not simply accept what they concede to us as a shallow victory that inevitably won’t have any true effect on change. Mrs. Tamika Montgomery- Reeves’s appointment is a win for our people. President Barack Obama’s election was a great historical victory for our people, yet the true change we sought to grab from the MOMENT slipped through our hands because every Pivotal bill he attempted to pass that could have had a positive multi-generational impact on our communities’ was denied by congress. Therefore, while Reverend Al Sharpton’s attack on the judiciary branch is an admirable first step, ultimately to have a true impact on this racist capitalistic disease that’s breaking apart families & destroying our communities we have to apply this cure of diversity to every political branch of Delaware’s bureaucracy. Truthfully, before & after this is accomplished we have to demand transparency & integrity from our leaders and let them know they can no longer just deliver our votes to whomever they politically endorse. Simply being an orator of beautiful speeches will no longer be accepted they have to truly move out for the people! With visions of a Better future! Stay strong & Stay focused! All power is the people!!

Dwayne Staats

Peace & Resilience! I heard Reverend Al Sharpton came to the city and spoke about the lack of diversity in the state’s judiciary system. This is definitely an issue worth fighting because it coincides with the disproportionate number of Black prisoners within their system. Who is Sharpton’s contact in Delaware? Al said he was coming back, so why not make the best out of it. For starters instead of speaking at Kingswood let’s take him in front of 500 N. King St. Sharpton knows the 13th amendment of the US constitution endorses slavery for prisoners. Delaware paying 30 million to send 300 prisoners to another jurisdiction was a “slave trade” (human trafficking). This very judicial system exonerated my codefendants then shipped them to Pennsylvania where they remain isolated in solitary confinement. I have to get with some of y’all to see what needs to be addressed on the street level. “All” inequalities or injustices that stem from the lack of diversity in Delaware’s judicial system needs to be included in his presentation. When is Al “suppose” to return? I would hate to think his ulterior motive for going after Biden, was to assist whatever presidential candidate he’s endorsing. If so, then he and whoever invited him to our city must be addressed accordingly (I’ll give them the benefit of doubt for now). In the meantime, I’m looking for some courageous hearts and righteous minds that want to unite for the greater good of the community. We’ll stand on integrity as we push audacious concepts, visions and ideas. Even if we can’t see the staircase, we still take the first step in faith. The belief in self will illuminate the way! Power is the People! BIM

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