Dwayne Staats – p.II


This land is cursed by a plague called ” The System”. It’s an omnipresent pestilence that’s inextricably intertwined within the depths of our lives. Victims of this infectious disease exist (occupy a space in objective reality) as expendable pieces of flesh, that are cast into an assemblage of sub humanistic waste used as fertilizer to nourish and cultivate the roots of capitalism. The fruits that its branches bear are gathered and allocated amongst the most avarice, which accounts for about 7% of the population. These demagogues fortify their supremacy by using sophisticated methods of legerdemain (misinformation & miseducation) to suppress the masses in a labyrinth of chaos, confusion, and illusions. The more removed one is ( in terms of ethnicity, gender, ideology, geographical location, net worth, etc) from the oligarchs the more ostracized or disenfranchised they become. Politics — is the driving force behind the dissemination of injustices and inequalities used to perpetuate is agenda. For many, life’s peregrination will sadly equate to involuntarily aiding in the fulfillment of “Quotas” that correlates with financial incentives. The compilation of such results in disproportionate statistics that evince what class of people are being suppressed, stifled, profiled, exploited and discriminated against. These are the symptoms that enable one to know if they’ve been inflicted with this disease. Those of us who test positive must continue fighting, resisting, and struggling with the hopes that “we” as a people will become the panacea.

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