“We have to reconstruct our approach to problem-solving and make a deep logical assessment of where we are today and what is our best course of action to change tomorrow.”


Originally posted on January 23, 2020

We have set out on a very specific mission to enhance the level of social awareness and unity in not only America but abroad. The Philosophy behind our course of action is the best way to help yourself is to first help others and don’t ask of anyone what we don’t ask of ourselves. At this time we are looking at ways to better serve the communities that we have a presence in. We are also looking to build and unite resources to accomplish these goals. We can not refer to ourselves as a non-profit because we gain the same way that all those who participate do and that’s by the building of unity, culture, and the passing of knowledge and wisdom.

We have to reconstruct our approach to problem-solving and make a deep logical assessment of where we are today and what is our best course of action to change tomorrow. All we are asking is that you aid us in aiding you. It’s not about where you came from or where you are at now, it’s about taking what you have learned from point A (where you started) to point B (where you are at today) putting them forward, and making a change not only for others but also yourself. You can and will get out your environment and self what you put in it. One person’s problems ignored is sure to one day become our own. there is no mission that is impossible because a people united is unstoppable.

You may see plenty of things on this website telling you who we are. Our actions show how much we desire meaningful change not only for ourselves but for all those who are willing to accept it and the price we are willing to pay for it, but like I said to help others will always help you in return and that’s the reason we stand here today seeking to further unite and make a real positive difference. We believe in our methods and practice only strengthen them, so we ask that you support us in supporting you, the people.

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Originally published on January 22, 2020

My name is Pedro Chairez and I am one of the V-17 comrades who was publicly persecuted, vindictively indicted, and quietly exonerated. All at the hands of a corrupt and incompetent justice system.

But the injustice, abuse, and oppression that preceded that monumental event and saturated every facet of our arrest, still lingers on…as our new captors enforce their own brand of internal retribution. Passed around like cheap liquor we were shipped off to different states with a wink and a nod. The meaning clear: teach these boys a lesson! We may have been exonerated in a court of law, but as far as prison officials go, we are guilty as hell. Like the stigmata, we will forever be stained with labels such as; instigators, trouble-makers, agitators, ring-leaders, gang-members, etc.

I was banished from my home state of Arizona and exiled to a foreign land, thousands of miles away from my family and friends. Not for my safety or better living conditions or rehabilitation. Nothing so magnanimous. It was purely punitive. It is a tool and instrument to inflict psychological harm. They want to break down one’s mental fortitude, sever him from his foundational support, weaken his resolve, silence his voice and crush his spirits. “Why,” you ask? Simple. To make one more pliable and obedient.

Now I reside in Pontiac, Illinois. At their most restrictive and isolated prison facility. I am currently in Administrative Detention. A nice way of saying solitary confinement or segregation. Here, I am warehoused like you would food products in a pantry. There are no programs, jobs, schools, or any other meaningful treatment available. No contact visits, chow halls, or religious groups. I live in a windowless cell, five feet wide and ten feet deep. With a tv to pacify me and a fan for the summer.

Furthermore, there’s no legal justification for placing me here. Because my institutional behavior and 10yr sentence qualify for my minimum custody status.

However, when one challenges their procedures and reasoning, we get the intentionally vague and overused catch-phrase “institutional security”. Which means everything and absolutely nothing. They know the courts are disinclined to intrude upon prison security matters. It is an unassailable position.

Equally important is that once we are entombed within these gulags, under the false pretense of being a security threat, they offer no viable means to work our way out of segregation. There are no rehab programs, step-down programs, or “corrective” measures in place to help us transition back into the general population. We are in penitentiary purgatory. Stuck. There are people who have been in here for decades. Without any tickets or gang activity. Yet we are continually denied release without rhyme or reason. For some it becomes hopeless. Suicide and serious mental illness are at an all-time high.

The purpose of explaining all this is because these are the same oppressive and draconian conditions that plague the prison systems across the nation, and which gave to the V-17 movement. When you dehumanize people long enough they have a tendency to become inhumane. The government has marginalized and abandoned our Constitutional Rights. But the 8th Amendment is based on the fundamental premise that prisoners are not to be treated as less than human. It is a right animated by broad and idealistic concepts of dignity, civilized standards, humanity, and decency. Something our congressional representatives have failed to uphold. But we have not. Nor will we bow down or cower under the weight of oppression.

But I ask myself…why does violence have to erupt before it garners national attention? Why does tragedy have to precede accountability? Why is change so intimately linked to pain? Why is transparency so heavily shrouded in darkness? Why do we have to lose (fallen friends or buried alive) to win? I wish I had the answers, but I know why its called a struggle.

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Originally posted on January 22, 2020

Throughout ancient and modern times, there’s been acts of rebellions, uprisings and insurrections orchestrated by valiant souls for the sake of a greater good. Unfortunately, a lot of these events were either erased or distorted by the writers of history. This reality is why it’s of the utmost importance for us to preserve the Vaughn17 saga and any other narratives that capture the same spirit of sacrifice, liberty, resistance and greater good as the martyrs that came before us. One of the most renowned representations of such is Harriet Tubman. She not only liberated herself from the jurisdiction of slavery but on numerous occasions jeopardized her life and freedom to rescue thousands of others. When the mind morphs into a by any means mode, the level of threat to the overall objective is what dictates the necessary. At times Harriet had to execute the fainthearted who denied themselves salvation to remain on the plantation. They were eliminated because in that instant they’d become a liability. It was too much at stake to take a chance on them not compromising or sabotaging the mission. In her eyes, she’d make sure they were freed one way or another….Nat Turner is another notable who marshaled one of the more militant rebellions that slaves themselves organized against oppression. Their fight was to ensure everyone’s freedom and dismantle the whole plantation and political system. Nat made practicable the element of surprise. He patiently waited while contemporaneously coordinating a clandestine ambush. For them, an insurrection was the gateway to emancipation. Though less publicized than the others. Denmark Vesey spearheaded one of the most “boldly conceptualized” uprisings that ever materialized. Sadly his demise came by the hands of house niggers and informants. Denmark was sentenced to death because of the audaciousness of his ambitions. The judge was so desensitized to the disenfranchisement haunting the slaves’ existence, that the immensity of Denmark’s sacrifice was unfathomable. This was conveyed when he dumbfoundedly stated, “What infatuation could have prompted you to attempt an enterprise so wild and visionary. You were a free man, comely, wealthy and enjoyed every comfort compatible with your situation. You had, therefore, much to lose and little to gain. Is slavery, then, a thing so detestable, that a man favored will engage in a plan that desperate merely to rescue his children from it?!” POWER IS THE PEOPLE!

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