Delaware & PA Doc are currently involved in a Civil rights violation of human trafficking.A form of Quid Pro Quo for retaliation against individuals charged in the prison uprising on 2/1/17.According to the Governor’s report the finds of investigators/former judges was that the inhumane condition of that prison lead to the uprising,Delaware also acknowledges within the c.l.a.s.i agreement that the solitary confinement conditions were inhumane.Those in a Positions of political power campaign to their Democratic base on the premises of Progressive platform’s,Rehabilitative programs & prison reform,Yet Delaware has orchestrated a deal that has allowed them to Pay PA Doc to locked down inmates indefinitely in solitary confinement under antiqued racist oppressive conditions that would violate Delaware rules.These court systems, prison systems & solitary confinement units aren’t beneficial for anything other than the capitalization off the warehousing of human bodies and placing them on this convey belt of recidivism & mental deterioration! A process that takes place through the lack of rehabilitation,educational programing,seclusion, sensory deprivation or ultimately allowing them to become addicted to mental heath medication in search of relief from THE mental abuse that IS solitary confinement.We understand that Every individual has to take some form of accountability for their actions,but we have to acknowledge that certain conditions especially inhumane conditions an long-term solitary confinement have a negative on a individuals success. the harsh truth is individuals without infractions,found not guilty or who’s charges were dismissed are still locked down & want nothing but the chance to grow as human beings & have a opportunity for redemption to be a positive influence on their children,families & their communities.Yet they have to risk starvation & making themselves targets of this system just for the Hope to escape mental deterioration of solitary confinement.


By Ayers, Jarreau

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