Jarreau Ayers

Originally published on April 26, 2020


When I was first asked my thoughts on this COVID-19 pandemic, admittedly, I struggled somewhat to find the words to express my feelings and/or opinions without seeming dismissive of the seriousness of the effects this virus can have on our communities and society. Unfortunately, when your viewpoint is from behind these oppressive walls, a part of that oppression is that it can become extremely difficult to emotionally identify with how a situation of this magnitude may be affecting your family, community, or society as a whole. Therefore, my first question to pose to the People was: what are we afraid of? Sadly, we know for a fact that from a statistical standpoint, the imminent threat to our communities now and when this pandemic dissipates will continue to be the abuse of children, the sexual assault of women, the opioid crisis affecting our families, gun violence that is ripping through inner cities, along with this prison industrial complex that preys on our youth before they have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become leaders of our families and communities. All of these aforementioned conditions are having — and will continue to have — catastrophic effects on our communities. Yet, we thrived under the harshness of these realities daily, so why now is the anxiety based on this fear being exacerbated by propaganda to these proportions?

Though I realize that I have been somewhat ossified by the realities of life, I consciously acknowledge my responsibility to ensure that everything I allow my pen to bleed for is for us and our communities. I do it from a position firmly and deeply rooted within a sense of empathy, love, understanding, and leadership. I present our plight unflinchingly, and for those who held the position that I shouldn’t have a voice of leadership amongst our community, I just simply acknowledge that regardless of ethnicity, they fail to qualify for the type of understanding required to identify the historical depths and struggles that our true (uncompromising) leaders, voices, and warriors ascend from!

Due to the fact that I am physically restricted from any other actions, my purpose now is attempting to walk up consciously on our collective enemy, to pull their mask down and expose the face of their subterfuge, which they proliferate through the practice of weaponized propaganda! Hopefully, at the same time, I am able to invoke the spirit of who we are as a people, and the remembrance of not only what we thrive through daily, but also what we have survived through historically! Without denying or ignoring that the Black and Brown people’s pain is somewhat incomparable, collectively we have to acknowledge that regardless of ethnicity, that those at the bottom of every economic social ladder globally are the target of oppression from these oligarchical, authoritarian governments.

My opinion of this pandemic and the government’s use of chemical weapons and weaponized propaganda (fear) is predicated upon the belief that those in control of this worldwide oligarchical government are psychogenically plagued by a psychopathic desire to dominate and consolidate absolute control over the masses! This pathogenic sickness that they suffer from is incubated within their own fear of inferiority, powerlessness ultimately reproduced through this supremacist patriarchal totalitarian system its phobia has given birth to.
The only legitimate threat to this system is unity! So if you take into account these massive protests from Europe to China, from the Middle East, South America, to North America, consciously, you identify that they all seem energized by radicalized anarchist viewpoints adopted across the globe as an Us vs Them Principle! This makes it clear to me that this pandemic isn’t coincidental, nor is it a bat-in-China thing, the same as AIDS wasn’t a monkey-in-Africa thing. Instead, I believe this oligarchical government’s phobia induced them to attack the energy of this anti-government unity! They employed chemical warfare and weaponized propaganda in order to push humanity towards the selfish principles they indoctrinated us with through mental colonization. By exposing us to this pandemic globally, it notably caused dissension amongst the People; it strategically forced the People to have to turn to their own governments and ask for help, ultimately crippling the bloodline and base of any anti-government movement along with re-establishing them as this authoritarian regime beyond reproach!
So once again, while I acknowledge the seriousness of this virus, I need you in return to acknowledge the depths of this attack and not allow the social strides we’ve made under the banner of collective unity to be a casualty of battle in this war we’re fighting! Though I mentioned earlier being ossified by life’s harsh realities, more importantly, I feel “as you should feel” that as oppressed people we’re armored through the genetics of an umbilical cord whose elasticity infinitely entwines us with the unbreakable strength of our ancestors! Unity is our weapon as it was theirs! We have to be allergic to these foreign selfish principles “as they were”! We have to identify this weapon of propagandized fear and instead of allowing it to separate our principles — Us vs Them — we have to embrace it in a way that was given to me, written in a poem by Anne Boyer. When addressing the fear element of this crisis, she says “Fear educates our care for each other; we fear a sick person becoming sicker, or a poor person’s life becoming more miserable, and we do whatever we can to protect them because we fear a version of human life where everyone lives only for themselves.” We should embrace this fear because, as she put it, fear is a vital, necessary part of love!!! Remember, the strength-unity and conscious perseverance of the People is undefeated: always has been and always will be! Take care of each other, help support these food banks in your communities. As George would say: when it’s time to stand up for our own, our principles become those who we’re accountable for!!!
Stay strong, stay focused, stay you and always stay safe!!! #M.O.V. #BIM #V17


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