Originally published on March 10, 2020

Only their tactics have changed. But white nationalism is alive and thriving. You see it every day in their laws and draconian police brutality. How many black and Brown brothers have to die at the hands of a predominately white police force? How many families of Latin descent have to be separated? How many prisons have to be built? How many walls have to be erected? The hate-mongering infests our nation at its core. That “legal” document I quoted earlier was written 500 years ago, yet it’s still reflected in our society today. Just because it’s not laid out so cut and dry. Believe me, we are still living under the same colonial belief system that tried to destroy us back then.
They want to classify us as subhuman, barbaric, savage, illiterate, drug dealers, gangbangers, murderers. This image they want to portray reinforces their own rationalization that we need to be governed and controlled. This gives them the moral and intellectual right to claim superiority. And then depict themselves as brave and courageous seekers of justice and freedom. But I say fuck their misconceived moral right from god. We will outlast, outbreed and overcome them on every level. They are the true savages that destroy and annihilate entire nations and cultures. They kill indiscriminately. Everywhere the white man went he brought death and destruction. Stealing and raping the land of all its natural resources. They take our wealth and then subject us to the yoke. And when we struggle in poverty, they call us lazy. Our children end up attending the worst school districts in the nation. And they call us illiterate. But they fail to recognize that the adversity and hate and pain we endure daily only makes us stronger, and more dangerous. And one day in the near future they will awake in fear and feel our feet on the back of their necks!

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